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Code compliance certificate applications can now be submitted online.

Apply online

Save time online with self-service building consent applications - paper applications are no longer required. Our new online building consent system allows you to submit, manage and track applications for both building consents and code compliance certificates, from anywhere, at any time.

Register to login to AlphaOne: 

Register online

  1. You must first register in the AlphaOne system.  A step-by-step video of the registration process and how to submit an application is available here
  2. Registration is a two-step process.  Once registered, you will receive an email which will allow you to verity and complete the sign up process.  Once verified, you will be able to sign in and create an application.

Submit the application:

  1. Select the application type you want to submit, then follow the prompts on the screen.  Blue information buttons will give further information throughout the process.
  2. You will need:
  • all documents in PDF format, to scale, unlocked
  • supporting documents specifically relating to this project

The owner, or agent (with appropriate authorisation) may submit the application

Support available: Phone 0800 257 424

Technical support is available from AlphaOne.  Freephone 0800 257 424.